Weather Machine Distraction

I have a new plan.

As I have mentioned, I needed a distraction to keep the others here at LoD busy with a project so they will not be aware of my work on the Time Machine project. I’ve found the project.

I’ve turned over plans to Brainiac and Toy Man so they can get started on the weather machine. I included the schematic, and CAD work I had done to get this built. They’ll have plenty to do, and they need to wait for some gauges/meters to show up to finish it. Anyhow, I did a presentation last night that seemed to get everyone excited about the project. The pitch:

We can control the Super Friends if we can control the weather. We can distract them with ‘natural disasters’ around the planet. They’ll be busy saving people while we get away with whatever we want. The world will be at our mercy. Eventually we can hold the planet ransom, and will control the world by extorting the climate. It is a brilliant plan.

It has it’s flaws. I tried it once before, but I sold them on the idea that I’d corrected all of these flaws. 

In the meantime, I have redesigned the Time Machine to use the same CAD designs as the weather machine, so once I start to rebuild it, it will look the same as the weather machine. I will simply tell them that I’m building a backup. 

The win-win of this is that both machines will be extremely useful, once they are in perfect working condition. It could happen. 

Scarecrow is asleep under the workbench now. I installed a hidden camera there, and in various ‘sleep spots’ throughout LoD, so I can keep tabs on him at all times. I shall not let that last mistake occur again. I’ve also developed some unconscious suggestive audio that plays at a frequency which only affects Scarecrow. It’s designed to encourage trust and loyalty between us. If it’s successful, I will develop frequencies for everyone at LoD. Long term project, to be sure.

I just installed a webcam for my lair, so that you may see me here from time to time. A visual may help illustrate my isolation. My next post will include a still photo to give you an idea of how it will look. Your suggestions are welcome.

We made contact with J. Phoenix’ publicist this week. We are deciding who to send to meet with him first. I’m of the opinion that Giganta might be a good choice. Cheetah may come on too strong. We’re having a meeting tonight to discuss. The last time Cheetah went out on similar assignment, we ended up with Joe Pesci as a roommate. For 3 months.


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