Phoenix Plan in Jeopordy

Brief contact was made with Giganta today. 

Not good news.

Apparently Phoenix’ abode is filled with live video cameras. Footage to be used for a “documentary”. Whenever they leave the building they are followed by someone with a camera. Giganta has a magnetic surge device that will disable the camera if she is able to reach the device discretely. I believe the device she brought with her is hidden in the heel of her shoe. It may prove to be difficult. 

Considering sending in Toy Man or Riddler to deal with the cameras. However, they both have difficulty keeping themselves discreet while in LA. Once Riddler found himself guest hosting “The Price is Right” on a trip out there. He can be charming, this is true. But it wasn’t long before he was being chased out by the studio security. He was setting off smoke alarms with his tricks, and ended up riding out of there on an ATV with a stove dragging behind it. 

I could send out Scarecrow, but he would fall asleep in Phoenix’ house. Definitely good for a scare, if that’s what we were looking for. Well, I’ll actually keep that in the back of my mind.

Captain Cold would create too much attention in LA. Fargo, fine. LA, not a good fit.

Brainiac will refuse to go with his project in full swing.

Cheetah we’ve discussed. She’ll end up fighting with Giganta over the boob Phoenix. 

Grodd? Grundy? No. No. 

Maybe Black Manta. If he’s not still cross with me, we may be able to get him out there. He could rewire the cameras into the LoD system, so the feeds would come here. Then he’ll have to steal the tapes from the handheld goon’s camera on a daily basis. 

This is proving more difficult than imagined. 

This is, at least, a beginning in finding a solution. Tomorrow we shall discuss a plan.

Arrrgh. Complications. Everything becomes so complicated. If there were another universe I could take over, I’d take the next train out of here. 

Blast. Superman. You are watching me. And laughing. I can feel it.


The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine.



Today we are waiting for a shipment of new gauges, relays and other various parts for our machines. 

We are also awaiting word from Giganta. Sometimes a break in communication on an assignment like this is good news. 

In the meantime I can tell you about one of the things that Superman does that I find reprehensible. 

I have found myself trapped in the cell at the Hall of Justice from time to time. Usually not for long. But it has happened as I wait for someone at LoD to come find me. 

I was forced to watch Superman eat his dinner in front of my cell one evening while he questioned me. It’s quite easy to ignore Superman’s questions. He won’t do anything to you if you don’t answer. Wonder Woman, on the other hand…well I’ll stick to Superman.

Superman will make terrible noises with his cutlery on the plate as he cuts and slices his food. I know he can simply cut it with his eyes, and that ray that he shoots out of them. Wouldn’t that be easier? What? Is he trying to ‘fit in’ at the Hall of Justice? Hopeless.

Anyhow, here is the real stomach-churning item. In addition to making these maddening noises with the knife and fork, he refuses to use more than one napkin. To be clear, one paper napkin. If it was a cloth napkin, I would have no problem with this idiosyncrasy. But as he eats, this napkin becomes torn, shredded, stained, and translucent. It simply turns my stomach. It hangs from his chin in pieces. Food then hangs from the shreds. Hideous. Filthy.

I must stop and do my meditations. My visualizations.

Joaquin Phoenix Success

There was a report from Giganta today. In bumping into one Phoenix look-a-like after another, it seems that one of them was really Phoenix. She has secured his trust and locked in on him. She has a brilliant disguise for this assignment. Some pictures of her “lingerie” outing with him have surfaced today, and you can see them here.

Everything is going according to plan. I happen to know that one of Superman’s favorite all time movies is Gladiator (I could not stomach the tripe of that ridiculous story, and cannot sit through the entirety of it’s putrid odor.) Getting to Superman through Phoenix will be one of my greatest achievements. 

Will it kill Superman? Don’t be ridiculous.

Will it be like putting him in a locked vault made of kryptonite? Only emotionally.

And that is what I am gunning for with this plan. This will rip his Hollywood heart out.

At that point, our machines will be ready for him and the Hall of Justice!

Tonight I have a lot of visualizing to do. Soon I will create some new visualization boards to use as my desktop backgrounds. I think I’ll do a few of Superman’s crying face. That should be fun. And one of an exploding Hall of Justice. My visualizations begin anew tonight. 

LexThought 11): I think I will begin to insist that everyone pronounce my name “Luther” instead of “Luth-or”. I hate the way it sounds coming from Brainiac or Black Manta. it sounds like Stephen Hawking is trying to pronounce my name. BTW – Speaking of Hawking, he stole a LOT of my ideas. Someday I shall write about this, but fortunately they were some of my smaller ideas.

Super Bowl Sunday at LoD

I had a lot of time to myself today. 

Most of the Legion watched the game today. Bizarro Superman actually flew out to watch it live. While they were distracted I began working on the time machine project again.

I became so distracted I didn’t have time to work out or meditate today. 

Getting the machine back in shape was not so difficult. Testing the machine, however, is always trying. 

I can try to send inanimate objects back in time, which I’ll attempt first. There is no data on the experience of the object. However, I can take something like one of Toy Man’s homemade pies, a unique item to our time, and transport it back a day. If all events go unchanged after I send the pie back in time, there would be two pies in existence after I sent the pie back. 

On the other hand, if I send the pie back in time, and Grodd or Gundy happen to find it, they’ll eat it and they won’t tell anyone (Toy Man doesn’t share his pie). If they eat it, Toy Man will not know that it existed, and will go ahead with his plans to make the pie. And we will still have one pie.

If no one discovers the pie after I’ve sent it back in time 24 hours, then I should see 2 pies immediately after I send it back.

So far this result has not occurred. One pie, every time. As I said, testing the machine is difficult.

I remain optimistic. I even ate some buffalo wings today.

The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine.

Yes. It. Is.

Braniac needs a hand

Today Braniac’s parts arrived. I forgot to enable the imbedded water mines on the entry road, and the UPS truck must have shown up while I was meditating. 

After my workout (not a good one today. Black Manta wouldn’t say a word to me. Very tense.) Braniac came banging on my lair door.

“Luth-Or, Luth-Or, I need your help. Meet me in the workshop.”

I thought he had left the outside of my door, and accidentally let out a very loud sigh.

“Luth-Or! I know you are inside. We have a Brain Wave Amplifier to work on if you want to defeat that Krypto-fool and his superfreaks.”

I don’t think Braniac knows the full definition of “superfreak”.

I know this idea of his won’t work, but I humor him. There are aspects of the unconscious and his negative pulse cosine that are incompatible. I want to see him fail in front of the others so they will know who has the real ideas in this Legion.

All I did was hold the flashlight for him. He insisted he had no other way of holding the flashlight. I have my doubts. But Sinestro could’ve held the flash light. Not Grundy or Grodd. Cheetah could have done it, Toy Man could’ve done it. Black Manta…maybe not this week. Probably not Scarecrow, he does have a tendency to spark fires. Riddler, what was wrong with asking Riddler? Plus Braniac has all of those robots in his closet. 

I didn’t last long, said I had a headache, and went back for visualizations and mantra. 

My life without Superman. My life without Superman. My life without Superman. 

The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine.

During my visualizations, an image came to me. It involved Hawkman, the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade and ball bearings. It was very vague, but I think it might be a clue.

On the SkyFi today I watched Polly Draper get a car pool ticket on the 405. Remember her, from ‘thirtysomething.’ I liked that show, for a while.

Putting out Fires

Team Building Workshop: Fire Walking.

That’s what our ‘training’ was today. 

They sent a new ‘trainer’. He had a hard time finding a place to light a fire in the swamp. 

Sinestro set a fire, albeit a fake yellow fire, on the roof of the Legion of Doom. We all went up there.

“Okay people, I’ll show you how we’ll do this! This is going to psych you up! You will do things you never before believed possible! Now follow me as I walk across this fire path!”

He ran into the fire and Sinestro made the fire bigger. Please, it wasn’t real. We went back inside and left him on the roof. 

After a few hours Black Manta felt sorry for him and gave him a ride back to Citibank.

I did get in a good workout. Lots of cardio today, and a yoga session afterwards. To top it off, I didn’t have to help Braniac today as the parts he ordered for his ‘project’ didn’t arrive. Maybe the fire and screaming workshop trainer scared off the UPS driver.

I have a new idea involving my abandoned time machine project. More on this as it develops.

The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine.

I’ve been following the Brodericks with the SkyFi system. More broadway shows together. Definitely fishy. 

Why don’t we hear more about Zsa Zsa anymore? Setting SkyFi coordinates for Beverly Hills for the next 24 hours.

Today’s Team Building Workshop: Unity Drumming

Feeling very isolated.

Superman is still out there, I’m still here. I did my visualizations. The mantra.

Then we had our workshop.

I don’t recall who came up with this idea. I have a feeling it was probably someone at Citibank. Once they started funding LOD Enterprises, we had to jump through a few hoops. Not the way I would have done things, but this was Braniac’s idea. Of course whenever Braniac has a good idea, everyone listens.

To get things started, today’s workshop was “unity drumming’. 

I did not participate.

You can probably guess who did. Grundy and Grodd like to bang drums. The workshop director took their drums away and Grundy yanked his arms from their sockets. He won’t be back tomorrow. Grundy spent the rest of the day crying about it.

Riddler gave me a riddle today. He claims it will tighten my focus. I was going to look at it, but he wrote it on the back of a bill, and I believe Toy Man sent all the bills out today. 

After team building tomorrow, I’m supposed to help Braniac with his “Brain Wave Amplifier”. I can’t say I’m looking forward to it. He has a tendency to take over every situation. 

Team Building workshop tomorrow: Fire Walking.

Do they know what we do for a living?

The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine.