delays delays

My apologies for the lack of news. There just hasn’t been much to report. 

Black Manta did head to California, and will be working on the camera system at Phoenix’ house while he is gone. Apparently he and Giganta and the ‘film crew’ went to Florida. I am thinking of heading there later to follow some of this up close. I don’t want to create a stir, however. If I am recognized, this could blow the plan.

I have reduced now to 1.5% body fat. I’m quite pleased with that.

Weather machine is at 35% completion, and time machine is at 25% completion. 

I hope to have more tomorrow.


Phoenix Plan in Jeopordy

Brief contact was made with Giganta today. 

Not good news.

Apparently Phoenix’ abode is filled with live video cameras. Footage to be used for a “documentary”. Whenever they leave the building they are followed by someone with a camera. Giganta has a magnetic surge device that will disable the camera if she is able to reach the device discretely. I believe the device she brought with her is hidden in the heel of her shoe. It may prove to be difficult. 

Considering sending in Toy Man or Riddler to deal with the cameras. However, they both have difficulty keeping themselves discreet while in LA. Once Riddler found himself guest hosting “The Price is Right” on a trip out there. He can be charming, this is true. But it wasn’t long before he was being chased out by the studio security. He was setting off smoke alarms with his tricks, and ended up riding out of there on an ATV with a stove dragging behind it. 

I could send out Scarecrow, but he would fall asleep in Phoenix’ house. Definitely good for a scare, if that’s what we were looking for. Well, I’ll actually keep that in the back of my mind.

Captain Cold would create too much attention in LA. Fargo, fine. LA, not a good fit.

Brainiac will refuse to go with his project in full swing.

Cheetah we’ve discussed. She’ll end up fighting with Giganta over the boob Phoenix. 

Grodd? Grundy? No. No. 

Maybe Black Manta. If he’s not still cross with me, we may be able to get him out there. He could rewire the cameras into the LoD system, so the feeds would come here. Then he’ll have to steal the tapes from the handheld goon’s camera on a daily basis. 

This is proving more difficult than imagined. 

This is, at least, a beginning in finding a solution. Tomorrow we shall discuss a plan.

Arrrgh. Complications. Everything becomes so complicated. If there were another universe I could take over, I’d take the next train out of here. 

Blast. Superman. You are watching me. And laughing. I can feel it.


The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine.

Joaquin Phoenix Success

There was a report from Giganta today. In bumping into one Phoenix look-a-like after another, it seems that one of them was really Phoenix. She has secured his trust and locked in on him. She has a brilliant disguise for this assignment. Some pictures of her “lingerie” outing with him have surfaced today, and you can see them here.

Everything is going according to plan. I happen to know that one of Superman’s favorite all time movies is Gladiator (I could not stomach the tripe of that ridiculous story, and cannot sit through the entirety of it’s putrid odor.) Getting to Superman through Phoenix will be one of my greatest achievements. 

Will it kill Superman? Don’t be ridiculous.

Will it be like putting him in a locked vault made of kryptonite? Only emotionally.

And that is what I am gunning for with this plan. This will rip his Hollywood heart out.

At that point, our machines will be ready for him and the Hall of Justice!

Tonight I have a lot of visualizing to do. Soon I will create some new visualization boards to use as my desktop backgrounds. I think I’ll do a few of Superman’s crying face. That should be fun. And one of an exploding Hall of Justice. My visualizations begin anew tonight. 

LexThought 11): I think I will begin to insist that everyone pronounce my name “Luther” instead of “Luth-or”. I hate the way it sounds coming from Brainiac or Black Manta. it sounds like Stephen Hawking is trying to pronounce my name. BTW – Speaking of Hawking, he stole a LOT of my ideas. Someday I shall write about this, but fortunately they were some of my smaller ideas.


Giganta has been relocated for assignment. However, it seems there are a lot of males in the area who have taken to wearing Joaquin Phoenix disguises. Every bar and restaurant on Sunset has someone wearing a large beard and sunglasses. 

We have already contacted his agency, and have a scheduled meeting but we don’t anticipate that he’ll show. I’ve had the SkyFi on in the area, but I am seeing too many look-a-likes. It’s nothing that we can’t surpass and conquer, but it does slow down our plans. Giganta is meeting with several hip-hop producers in the area as well, which may help encourage his mindset. 

Progress on both machines went well today. I have stored old KimChi in a box in my lair, which has discouraged Scarecrow, and the others from visiting. So I was able to make quite a bit of progress today.

Still thinking about this vision I had some time ago with Hawkman, and the ball bearings. As the answers are revealed I will post them here.

Must keep this short, Barbara Walters is on now.


The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine.

Smooth Transitions

There has been progress on the weather machine. Brainiac is focused, and this seems to have galvanized many here in LoD. I am somewhat aghast at how well this seems to be working. In fact, I’ve become suspicious.

I haven’t had a lot of time to work on the time machine, and I need to. I need to keep it at the same pace as the LoD’s weather machine, but I’m behind. Looks like I’ll be taking a few days off at the gym. 

I confess I have been distracted. 

This business with Joaquin Phoenix has me distracted with possibilities.

Many are not aware of Superman’s movie obsession. This surprises me. No one wondered why Superman was always clearing the freeways of traffic on Oscar night? The big screens ALL over at HoJ? No one writes about it, but most outdoor movie sets have to hire a gaffer or grip to go on Superman watch when cameras begin rolling. It’s not like they can keep him out of the sky when they film, but someone needs to note when it happens during a shoot so they can remember where they need to take him out of the scenes. 

LexThought 10) I need to start a series of posts, illustrating the small aspects of Superman’s personality that I hold to be abrasive. Perhaps you may gain insight to my singular and unfettering disdain for the man of steel. 

Back to J. Phoenix. Giganta is off to begin this assignment. She left today. We actually had to sedate Cheetah last night (Riddler had some trick cards with a spray that worked nicely. Where does he store all of this stuff?) so she would not insist on making the trip.

I spoke to Giganta and I think we have a good plan, but it all depends on gaining Phoenix’ trust through seduction. She hasn’t had much practice lately, and we haven’t tried this since an attempt with Tom Cruise. You can guess how that went. 

With her confidence low, we talked over her strong points. The fact that she can literally control how large she can grow at the drop of a hat is a big plus. After a few nights with her, I believe we can start him on our standard brainwash plan. Before he knows it we’ll have him placing quotes and ideas throughout Hollywood that will ultimately bring Superman to his knees. 

Well, that plus the weather machine, and the time machine.

The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine.

Weather Machine Distraction

I have a new plan.

As I have mentioned, I needed a distraction to keep the others here at LoD busy with a project so they will not be aware of my work on the Time Machine project. I’ve found the project.

I’ve turned over plans to Brainiac and Toy Man so they can get started on the weather machine. I included the schematic, and CAD work I had done to get this built. They’ll have plenty to do, and they need to wait for some gauges/meters to show up to finish it. Anyhow, I did a presentation last night that seemed to get everyone excited about the project. The pitch:

We can control the Super Friends if we can control the weather. We can distract them with ‘natural disasters’ around the planet. They’ll be busy saving people while we get away with whatever we want. The world will be at our mercy. Eventually we can hold the planet ransom, and will control the world by extorting the climate. It is a brilliant plan.

It has it’s flaws. I tried it once before, but I sold them on the idea that I’d corrected all of these flaws. 

In the meantime, I have redesigned the Time Machine to use the same CAD designs as the weather machine, so once I start to rebuild it, it will look the same as the weather machine. I will simply tell them that I’m building a backup. 

The win-win of this is that both machines will be extremely useful, once they are in perfect working condition. It could happen. 

Scarecrow is asleep under the workbench now. I installed a hidden camera there, and in various ‘sleep spots’ throughout LoD, so I can keep tabs on him at all times. I shall not let that last mistake occur again. I’ve also developed some unconscious suggestive audio that plays at a frequency which only affects Scarecrow. It’s designed to encourage trust and loyalty between us. If it’s successful, I will develop frequencies for everyone at LoD. Long term project, to be sure.

I just installed a webcam for my lair, so that you may see me here from time to time. A visual may help illustrate my isolation. My next post will include a still photo to give you an idea of how it will look. Your suggestions are welcome.

We made contact with J. Phoenix’ publicist this week. We are deciding who to send to meet with him first. I’m of the opinion that Giganta might be a good choice. Cheetah may come on too strong. We’re having a meeting tonight to discuss. The last time Cheetah went out on similar assignment, we ended up with Joe Pesci as a roommate. For 3 months.

Trouble at LoD

I must abandon the Time Machine project for a time. My energy must go elsewhere for a while. In fact, I fear I must create a very big distraction.

If you are not aware of this (and I have no reason to believe that you would), Scarecrow has some odd sleeping habits: essentially he’s a narcoleptic in denial.

There was one incident last year when we left him in charge of the SkyFi to watch a “situation” develop between Brainiac, Sinestro and I, as we were breaking into the Batplane. It was very dangerous, and he had to be ready to fire the satellite laser to cover us in case we were caught. We even left him a pot of coffee.

Another interesting note: Brainiac has NOT the capacity to whisper. Android. So while inside of the Batplane he starts to expound upon the onboard computer and navigation system. Loudly. An alarm goes off, we hear voices and fortunately Sinestro flew us out of there quickly before anyone saw us.

We get back to LoD, and can you guess what Scarecrow had done. Asleep on the SkyFi panel. And he still denied it.

Back to my story. Without my knowledge, Scarecrow has been napping upon occasion in my study. Because it’s quiet. He sneaks in while I’m working out or meditating, and nods off under my work bench. It’s a very big bench. He must’ve have heard me discussing my formulas, or programming (I talk to myself when I work alone.) And word leaked out to the Legion that I was working on the Time Machine again.

Of course everyone became quite paranoid. Why I put this group of “super villains” together, I’m still wondering. If only I knew then what I know now.

I did, however, deny all of this, and was able to disable my work before Brainiac came to inspect my work bench.

I must distract them with something different, and get back to the project. It must be a group project. You ideas are welcome and encouraged.

LexThought 9: Considering a new color scheme. I still love the purple/green combo, and I think those colors work well for me. Considering black/red. Afraid of the further confusion, however, it would cause in distinguishing between Brainiac and myself.

Did you see Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman? I have my doubts about his music career. However, considering offering him my services. A fragile mind with high profile: good news for the LoD.