Joaquin Phoenix Success

There was a report from Giganta today. In bumping into one Phoenix look-a-like after another, it seems that one of them was really Phoenix. She has secured his trust and locked in on him. She has a brilliant disguise for this assignment. Some pictures of her “lingerie” outing with him have surfaced today, and you can see them here.

Everything is going according to plan. I happen to know that one of Superman’s favorite all time movies is Gladiator (I could not stomach the tripe of that ridiculous story, and cannot sit through the entirety of it’s putrid odor.) Getting to Superman through Phoenix will be one of my greatest achievements. 

Will it kill Superman? Don’t be ridiculous.

Will it be like putting him in a locked vault made of kryptonite? Only emotionally.

And that is what I am gunning for with this plan. This will rip his Hollywood heart out.

At that point, our machines will be ready for him and the Hall of Justice!

Tonight I have a lot of visualizing to do. Soon I will create some new visualization boards to use as my desktop backgrounds. I think I’ll do a few of Superman’s crying face. That should be fun. And one of an exploding Hall of Justice. My visualizations begin anew tonight. 

LexThought 11): I think I will begin to insist that everyone pronounce my name “Luther” instead of “Luth-or”. I hate the way it sounds coming from Brainiac or Black Manta. it sounds like Stephen Hawking is trying to pronounce my name. BTW – Speaking of Hawking, he stole a LOT of my ideas. Someday I shall write about this, but fortunately they were some of my smaller ideas.


new workout

Black Manta has me on a new routine now. 

I can’t tell if he’s trying to help me, as he’s giving me a lot of crunches.

I hate crunches. He knows that.

During workouts I have trouble with his annunciation. From this morning’s workout:

[warble android voice] “elevwen, twelvwe, dirteen, fawrteen, fibteen, zzzzzteen, zzzeznteen”

“Fifteen? Sixteen? How many reps is that?”

[warble android voice] ” youwr not ebeen tryning! zzaznteen, eebteen, worbk it!”

“Did you change your battery pack today? You’re breaking up again.”

[warble android voice] “Youw knowb I’mb senstitib to datb!”

And he storms off. I think he’s plotting something without me. He’s been awfully chummy with Grundy lately. 

LexThought 4: I wish Cheetah would stop confusing me with Braniac. 

LexThought 5: Considering a tattoo. Idea’s where? Not the head!

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