Phoenix Plan in Jeopordy

Brief contact was made with Giganta today. 

Not good news.

Apparently Phoenix’ abode is filled with live video cameras. Footage to be used for a “documentary”. Whenever they leave the building they are followed by someone with a camera. Giganta has a magnetic surge device that will disable the camera if she is able to reach the device discretely. I believe the device she brought with her is hidden in the heel of her shoe. It may prove to be difficult. 

Considering sending in Toy Man or Riddler to deal with the cameras. However, they both have difficulty keeping themselves discreet while in LA. Once Riddler found himself guest hosting “The Price is Right” on a trip out there. He can be charming, this is true. But it wasn’t long before he was being chased out by the studio security. He was setting off smoke alarms with his tricks, and ended up riding out of there on an ATV with a stove dragging behind it. 

I could send out Scarecrow, but he would fall asleep in Phoenix’ house. Definitely good for a scare, if that’s what we were looking for. Well, I’ll actually keep that in the back of my mind.

Captain Cold would create too much attention in LA. Fargo, fine. LA, not a good fit.

Brainiac will refuse to go with his project in full swing.

Cheetah we’ve discussed. She’ll end up fighting with Giganta over the boob Phoenix. 

Grodd? Grundy? No. No. 

Maybe Black Manta. If he’s not still cross with me, we may be able to get him out there. He could rewire the cameras into the LoD system, so the feeds would come here. Then he’ll have to steal the tapes from the handheld goon’s camera on a daily basis. 

This is proving more difficult than imagined. 

This is, at least, a beginning in finding a solution. Tomorrow we shall discuss a plan.

Arrrgh. Complications. Everything becomes so complicated. If there were another universe I could take over, I’d take the next train out of here. 

Blast. Superman. You are watching me. And laughing. I can feel it.


The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine.


new workout

Black Manta has me on a new routine now. 

I can’t tell if he’s trying to help me, as he’s giving me a lot of crunches.

I hate crunches. He knows that.

During workouts I have trouble with his annunciation. From this morning’s workout:

[warble android voice] “elevwen, twelvwe, dirteen, fawrteen, fibteen, zzzzzteen, zzzeznteen”

“Fifteen? Sixteen? How many reps is that?”

[warble android voice] ” youwr not ebeen tryning! zzaznteen, eebteen, worbk it!”

“Did you change your battery pack today? You’re breaking up again.”

[warble android voice] “Youw knowb I’mb senstitib to datb!”

And he storms off. I think he’s plotting something without me. He’s been awfully chummy with Grundy lately. 

LexThought 4: I wish Cheetah would stop confusing me with Braniac. 

LexThought 5: Considering a tattoo. Idea’s where? Not the head!

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