delays delays

My apologies for the lack of news. There just hasn’t been much to report. 

Black Manta did head to California, and will be working on the camera system at Phoenix’ house while he is gone. Apparently he and Giganta and the ‘film crew’ went to Florida. I am thinking of heading there later to follow some of this up close. I don’t want to create a stir, however. If I am recognized, this could blow the plan.

I have reduced now to 1.5% body fat. I’m quite pleased with that.

Weather machine is at 35% completion, and time machine is at 25% completion. 

I hope to have more tomorrow.


Putting out Fires

Team Building Workshop: Fire Walking.

That’s what our ‘training’ was today. 

They sent a new ‘trainer’. He had a hard time finding a place to light a fire in the swamp. 

Sinestro set a fire, albeit a fake yellow fire, on the roof of the Legion of Doom. We all went up there.

“Okay people, I’ll show you how we’ll do this! This is going to psych you up! You will do things you never before believed possible! Now follow me as I walk across this fire path!”

He ran into the fire and Sinestro made the fire bigger. Please, it wasn’t real. We went back inside and left him on the roof. 

After a few hours Black Manta felt sorry for him and gave him a ride back to Citibank.

I did get in a good workout. Lots of cardio today, and a yoga session afterwards. To top it off, I didn’t have to help Braniac today as the parts he ordered for his ‘project’ didn’t arrive. Maybe the fire and screaming workshop trainer scared off the UPS driver.

I have a new idea involving my abandoned time machine project. More on this as it develops.

The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine.

I’ve been following the Brodericks with the SkyFi system. More broadway shows together. Definitely fishy. 

Why don’t we hear more about Zsa Zsa anymore? Setting SkyFi coordinates for Beverly Hills for the next 24 hours.

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