Smooth Transitions

There has been progress on the weather machine. Brainiac is focused, and this seems to have galvanized many here in LoD. I am somewhat aghast at how well this seems to be working. In fact, I’ve become suspicious.

I haven’t had a lot of time to work on the time machine, and I need to. I need to keep it at the same pace as the LoD’s weather machine, but I’m behind. Looks like I’ll be taking a few days off at the gym. 

I confess I have been distracted. 

This business with Joaquin Phoenix has me distracted with possibilities.

Many are not aware of Superman’s movie obsession. This surprises me. No one wondered why Superman was always clearing the freeways of traffic on Oscar night? The big screens ALL over at HoJ? No one writes about it, but most outdoor movie sets have to hire a gaffer or grip to go on Superman watch when cameras begin rolling. It’s not like they can keep him out of the sky when they film, but someone needs to note when it happens during a shoot so they can remember where they need to take him out of the scenes. 

LexThought 10) I need to start a series of posts, illustrating the small aspects of Superman’s personality that I hold to be abrasive. Perhaps you may gain insight to my singular and unfettering disdain for the man of steel. 

Back to J. Phoenix. Giganta is off to begin this assignment. She left today. We actually had to sedate Cheetah last night (Riddler had some trick cards with a spray that worked nicely. Where does he store all of this stuff?) so she would not insist on making the trip.

I spoke to Giganta and I think we have a good plan, but it all depends on gaining Phoenix’ trust through seduction. She hasn’t had much practice lately, and we haven’t tried this since an attempt with Tom Cruise. You can guess how that went. 

With her confidence low, we talked over her strong points. The fact that she can literally control how large she can grow at the drop of a hat is a big plus. After a few nights with her, I believe we can start him on our standard brainwash plan. Before he knows it we’ll have him placing quotes and ideas throughout Hollywood that will ultimately bring Superman to his knees. 

Well, that plus the weather machine, and the time machine.

The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine. The universe is mine.

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